making life as rich and as awe-inspiring as possible

we use investment, fundamental research, and public intellectualism to achieve our goals:
- maximising meritocracy
- galvanising the ten billion
- understanding our origins
- simulating the universe
think of us like stanford university - with an endowment, a college, and a think tank:- investments: nurturing the next generation of legendary projects, protocols, and funds all over the world
- simplify: an institutional fund-of-funds seeding pre-track venture funds globally
- transcendence: a 'series a'-only venture fund forging company pathways to planetary impact
- posterity: a buyout fund reengineering planetary-scale projects through the emergence of superintelligence
- labs: building foundational incentive engineering systems to solve the greatest challenges of the species- thoughts: shaping the overton window to implement novel solutions to the world’s most complex problems